I'm sarah, aspiring patissiere and comes from malaysia.

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I actually got my glasses yesterday, but since I was so tired I couldn’t be bothered so I just slept and decided to post it today~ uwu so I’m going to be honest here, IT FEELS SO WEIRD. REALLY. but my friends and family has been giving me a positive reaction about it so I’m alright… but sigh, I just can’t get used to having it on my face all the time… yet. :( sometimes I just push it up to my hair and leave it there. but I’m told to wear it 24/7. (obviously to get used to it. /sigh)

- I swear, I hate cheetah print. it just looks so tacky… ugh! but I do like how it looks in this picture lmao. /soimgood

here’s me taking a selca with glasses on for the first time. /shottt

- I keep on getting told that I look, “cute”… lol I guess I’ll take it.

today, I also finally decided to start baking again! ugh it actually turned out well! ;; haha whenever I bake, I’m just so nervous and have 0 confidence so I always ask my sisters to help/guide me. but this time they said, we’re not helping you anymore. try to do it yourself. I kinda felt like they were challenging me so I accepted it lmao!

- the finished product! really proud of myself even though it’s probably just something simple to others, it means something to me. uwu

Posted on March 13, 2014
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as you can see from the title, I had an appointment today because not too long ago I went out with my mum to get some take away and when we were trying to find the clock in the shop mum saw the time through the tv, and I accidentally said, “I can’t see.” and thus the appointment.

um tbqh I was feeling really nervous about it because I personally feel like I don’t suit glasses but when we arrived at the place (I asked my sister to tag along to help me pick out the glasses lol) I got checked up and FUCK I NEEDED IT… sobs I have to get used to me in glasses now fml.

now putting that aside, I haven’t been that good at controlling my diet since 2014 has started but I won’t give up! so uh I’m trying to restart my diet since last monday! ><

- my lunch yesterday that made me feel very happy and healthy haha!

since march has started I haven’t been feeling so happy about things… like my choices in life and such. before sleeping I would ask myself tons of questions ‘till it’s like 3-4am. once I get up in the morning I’d feel all sluggish and sick. but two or three days ago, I found this blog called, “likeastrawberrymilk" and came across one of her post where she wrote down notes on how to become a pastry chef AND HELLO IT DEFINITELY MADE ME FEEL BETTER.

- I felt so happy that I asked mum to bring me to the mall and I bought an apron, books for writing down notes about baking and pens to make it look pretty. uwu I was so excited idkw.

I have this cat named, mr. squiggles also known as squiggy. who was a stray kitten and I picked him up at a convenient store on the 05.10.14! he’s been growing so fast lately and I just feel so sad that my baby is growing up. when I picked him up he was still small but was at the age where he could also kinda take care of himself. so since he’s been growing he’s been kinda grumpy lately hehe~

- even though he’s so grumpy, he’s still the most needy baby ever. needing my attention 24/7! not that I mind ehuehe~ 

Posted on March 6, 2014
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